Nutritional Therapy for Pelvic Pain

I guest blog for on how nutrition can be a powerful tool in treating all kinds of pelvic pain, as well as other co-existing health conditions and general inflammation in your body.  Most of the time there’s not a magic bullet cure for pelvic pain – it takes an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to support sustained healing.  Whether you suffer with painful bladder syndrome, pelvic floor dysfunction, endometriosis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), vulvodynia, or other sources of chronic pelvic pain, nutrition can be used as an additional therapeutic tool to improve these conditions, and to heal co-existing health issues that can increase pelvic pain. 

Check out the full blog and also the resources provided by the founders of  – a team of multi-disciplinary professionals and a woman with Chronic Pelvic Pain who came together to create a video guide for females who are experiencing ongoing pelvic pain. The team represents over 50 years of experience in women’s health related fields including OB/GYN, Physical Therapy, Mindfulness Techniques and Human Sexuality. 

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